2016 News

Back to Indianapolis!

Our racing year began with Indianapolis in October of 2015.  Had a small group of folks and dogs making up 4 teams and raced for two days rather than three.  Our title brag for the Saturday goes to Beverly Donahue and Sadie Jo, Flyball Master Champion!  We celebrated on Saturday night during our steak dinner on site.  What a treat with a title to celebrate and the terrific steak dinner prepared by our camping teammates.  Other titles earned on Sunday were from Multi, Parker is now Multi Breed Master and Keagan Multi Breed Master Excellent, congratulations!  On Sunday, we had one team make it to division championships for the regular tournament.  It was Reprise, with Abby, Sadie, Parker and Keagan.  They competed against DogGoneFast and unfortunately did not win, but what a great little team to have made it in.  We’re very proud of them!

CanAm 2015 - Reprise+


Trick or Treat of Flyball!

What an incredible weekend MCRD had in Chattanooga.  There were so many titles achieved, we are truly proud to be Road Dogs.  It started with the first run down the lanes for the our newest Iron Dog, Chinook and team.  He’s come back from two very serious hurdles in his health to achieve a title that truly describes him.  Along with that accomplishment, we had Worth earn Flyball Grand Champion, he’s just an amazing fella.  Two, count them, two ONYX dogs in Kie and JJ.  Before the weekend was over, we had added Benny as MBD, MBDX and MBDCh, Carys earned FDCh and FDCh-S, and Jinn earned MBDCh-G.  Congratulations to all those hard working pups and their owners.  The weekend was a blur with 5 teams running and 13 people.  It’s going to take until the December tournament to recover!

Reindeer Run!

This tournament was tons of fun with all the holiday festivities.  Our dogs had a blast as well.  This weekend on Sunday morning, our fearless leader, Jane and Cleopatra Beasley earned Flyball Grand Champion.  What a girl!  Very proud of her, thank you to the Beasleys for letting her play our game.  Clay also reached his Flyball Master Excellent on Sunday morning as well.  A good time was had by all.  On to our tournament in January.

Take Me There!

This was our tournament in Chattanooga.  Lots of work, but a ton of fun to be had.  Tournament ran smoothly and was our first 2 day tournament.  Thinking we’ll do that again!  Several titles were obtained as well with Kie earning MBM, Cleo MBMX, Peggy Sue FMX, Benny FM and Francis MBFDCh-G.  Toby & Julia joined us for warm-up work at this tournament, he showed some nice jumping work on the lanes for the first time.  We were done and on the road before dark in January with spectacular weather to boot.  Looking forward to hosting in Chattanooga again in March.

Direct Flight!

We had a very nice time in Clanton and the weather could not have been nicer for a break from the cold and precipitation.  There is a huge brag in Abby earning her Flyball Grand Champion 60K in the first race of the day on Saturday.  Very proud of the Cris & Abby team!!!  Of course, we celebrated on Saturday night with a steak dinner.  Clay also earned his Multi-Breed Dog Champion – Silver, the boy just keeps trucking along and getting much more mature on the lanes.  We also need to brag in a big way on Julia and her to fellas.  Doby did a nice job, continuing to learn his boxwork and jumping on the lanes and Coal did some nice recall work over jumps.  That Julia can BOXLOAD!!!  The game cannot be played without boxloaders, so we are very excited to welcome them aboard for several reasons.

Wired For Sound!

This tournament was our own, hosted in Chattanooga in March.  The weather was great on Saturday, a bit of rain on Sunday… we just love loading out in the rain.  It wasn’t bad, just enough to make it stuffy, however, we pressed on and had a great time.  This was “The Last Rodeo” for our veteran, Lookaway Spurs ‘n Latigo (Rodeo).  He ran his share of the heats over two days and had a blast.  On Sunday, he made his last trip down the lane and retired in style.  Not a bad retirement weekend with 450 points, he felt good.  The region has been great to us and our team ROCKED it out of the park with a cake, Rodeo themed team names, steak dinner and lots of support for the my boy and myself.  We thank you all!!!

During the weekend, Carys slipped up on us and not only achieved the FDCh-G, but since she played on her first multi-breed team, she also came home with MBDCh-S.  Way to go!  Now, on to Talladega.

Another Red Eye!

Sweet Tea Classic!

It was a great weekend in Greensboro, NC for the Memorial Day holiday and the Sweet Tea Classic.  Travel was uneventful, which is always a plus and both our teams finished with second place in their divisions.  We also had Francis and Leslie, who earned FGDCh on Sunday!  Way to go, he looked like the Pro he is, all weekend long.  Our green dogs did a fine job, they are coming right along.  Can’t wait until it all comes together for them.  Good job Julia, Coal and Doby!  Now, we prepare for this coming weekend in Clanton.

Airshow At The Peach!

Off we went for a second weekend in a row for some pups and people.  We were reunited with our teammates from the south, John & Beverly had recently moved to Florida.  It was an exciting weekend, where we celebrated Sadie’s new ONYX title on Sunday.  She was smiling all the way, as were her human Dad & Mom.  Way to go!  On the way home we realized that with the points earned the weekend before that we hadn’t added in to his total, Clay also earned his FMCh over the weekend.  Congratulations Clay Monster!

Summer Camp!

A very small MCRD crew went to the Summer Camp in Athens, GA – Mike, Heather, Cris, and Leslie.  Not sure of placements, but they tell us we were represented well.  Ricky earned his 50K there.  Go Cris & Ricky, a big congratulations on that new title!

Let Freedom Run XIV!

We had 6 people and dogs entered on our roster in Houston this year.  We skipped last year, but it was fun to return again this year.  Our 11th visit and we seemed to have been missed.  On Saturday afternoon, in the last race, Cedar earned her FGDCh 50 K.  Who would have ever thought!  The dogs running were Worth, Clay, Kie, Cedar and Coal & Doby warming up.

Liberty Run!

We had a great trip to Clanton in September.  Had a few thunder and lightening events on Sunday and some much needed rain, but the Road Dogs had a great time.  We put our newest edition on the lanes a few times over the weekend and Coal and Julia came home with an FD and FDX.  He’s really putting it together.  Huge Congratulations the them both!  Hard work pays off.


September 22, 2016