2013 News

Griffin & Rodeo “Iron Dogs”

Today, October 12, 2012, MCRD has it’s first two NAFA Iron Dog titles.  Racing Veterans class today, Griffin and Rodeo achieved their title while racing together.  Griffin began his racing career in October, 2003 at the Lone Star Ruff Neck tournament in Memphis, TN.  Rodeo in September, 2004 at the Rocket City Racers tournament in Huntsville, AL.  CanAm is MCRD’s first tournament for the year 2013 and we’ve looked forward this tournament all year and to playing together while achieving these new titles.  Both of these pups have traveled all over and been run by many teammates other than their actual owners.  Very versatile fellas.  Congratulations to Karen & Griffin and Elaine & Rodeo!


New MCRD Multi Record set 10-12-12

Backstage Pass, Jackson, Samme, Cedar & Ricky  18.58

Daisy – ONYX – 10/13/12

Daisy and Susan began their racing career at the Athens Dawg Derby hosted by Double Dog Dare, July of 2008 in Athens, GA.  After a bumpy start, both Daisy and Susan put in extra work and became a genuine asset to the team.  We congratulate them both on this huge accomplishment today.  Race on Daisy and Susan!


 Brodee Balloo “Flyball Grand Champion” and NAFA’s 1st FGDCH Cairn Terrier

Hold the presses! October 13th was quite a special day for Brodee Balloo in becoming FGDCh and the 1st of that title for the Cairn Terrier breed. Brodee Balloo was a welcome addition to the MCRD team as we were height dog light in 2008. His first tournament was the MCRD Wired For Sound home tournament in March, 2008. He was adopted by Kriste Meyer as a rowdy pup that needed to be re-homed and flyball seemed to greatly agree with him. He found his forever and perfect home with Kriste who was already involved with the team, although dogless at the time. He’s a rugged and fearless little fella with a true racing heart. Congratulations Kriste & Brodee!

Francis FDCh – Silver

October 13, 2012 was a special day for one our our newest pups.  He’s come along quickly and is really getting his flyball legs, or wings so to speak.  What a great boy and we are so happy to congratulate our boy Francis and his owner Leslie!  Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this awesome Aussie.

Coda – ONYX

So very proud today of Mary and Coda as they earned their ONYX in the first race of the day.  Coda’s first tournament, was January of 2006.  Although they didn’t start out as Road Dogs, they soon meshed right in with us as they made their change to the team.  They are a solid racing team and we congratulate them on this special day of the CanAm 10/14/12.

On a side note, during that first race, Mary and Coda also had a perfect start.  That’s the way to play!!!

Toby – FDCh-Silver

This morning during his first race of the day, Toby earned his FDCh-Silver.  He is one hard working little fella.  His Dad Michael, had to be outsted from the judging chair so we could make certain of his success on the lanes.  Rosemary and Toby have been putting in extra training time to make his lane time successful.  MCRD is very proud of one of our newest teams, Rosemary and Toby!

Keagan – FMX 

Today, as we had an emergency change in lineup, we didn’t notice timely that Keagan earned her FMX.  What a competitor!  While Kriste still works continually to perfect Keagan’s box turns and passing skills, Ms. Barksalot has a huge heart and gives it her all each time she’s sent.  We congratulate Ms. Keagan Kandoo and Kriste with their FMX.

Another new Multi Team Record 18.401

Jackson, Sammie, Cedar & Ricky

Jackson – FMX

Wow, nothing like the suspense of the last heat of the last race of the weekend to achieve a title.  Block Chords (Multi Team) went into the ring needing to run 3 clean heats for Jackson to receive his title.  We raced clean and there you have it, Jackson FMX.  Mike and Jackson were back on the lanes after missing tournaments from an injury.  We were all delighted to have them back with us and this was icing on the flyball.  Way to go, Mike & Jackson.

Backstage Pass – Division 9 Reserve Champions

After racing was completed, Backstage Pass discovered that we had made it to the finals for the regular tournament.  All 6 dogs on the roster were on the lanes.  For the four heats we ran in the finals, all participated and gave it our best.  It was a fine way to wrap up the weekend.


Sammie makes the Top Dogs all breed list.

On October 29, 2012, the latest edition of the Top 250 Dogs – All Breed list was published and Sammie appeared as #244.  Way to go Sammie!

Cleo P Beasley – Flyball Master

Today, November 3rd, Ms. Cleo P. Beasley reached her Flyball Master title in excellent form.  We are very proud of our Cleo and Jane, who have become a stellar team.  Thank you John and Allison for allowing your girl to travel and compete with us.

Abby – Flyball Grand Champion

We are so very proud of Abby and Cris for reaching FGDCh today in Chattanooga, TN.  What a great competitive, trash talking little Aussie girl!  What fun it’s been to race with them and yes, I think they’re hooked now.  We believe the smile on their faces show just what fun earning 30K can be!

Cedar – ONYX

The skinny redhead did it!  It has been an interesting trip with this little girl – figuring out which ball, which way to turn, how to get that box turn, how to run other than 4th in the lineup.  Cedar and Elaine have met all those challenges and today they are celebrating their ONYX in less than 3 years of racing!  Way to go Cedar.

Rafe – Flyball Dog Champion

This afternoon, November 3rd, Rafe raced to his Flyball Dog Champion title.  He’s becoming such a steady fella on the lanes.  Congratulations to Jim, Lee and Rafe!

Sadie – Baby’s first steps!

Today, November 4th, our Sadie took her first strides down the lane during a heat to receive her first flyball point ever.  It was a thrill to watch her do it and then her Mom celebrate – BIG PARTY!

MCRD has an excellent time at the Runaway Express tournament in Chattanooga 2012

MCRD is so proud!  Sadie FD!!!!  AND FDX!!!

December 29th at 12 Days of Flyball, Sadie had looked very nice in warmup, so we slipped her in the first heat.  The first one wasn’t quite perfection, the ball went over the top of the box and poor Sadie didn’t know how to find it.  So, it was decided to give her another try and she rocked it!  Very proud of Beverly and Sadie.  They have worked hard and she’s now an official Flyball Dog.

Later in the day, Sadie ran warm up and two heats back to back to finish her FDX!  So very proud of them!  There will be good things in this girl’s future.

YEAH Peggy Sue!  December 29th at 12 Days of Flyball, Peggy Sue became FDCh-Gold.  They’ve come a long way baby!  Mom, Marilyn is known for the grimace on her face when she “thinks” she’s early passed.  Seriously, Peggy Sue seems to really have a good time on the lanes and has put in much extra time into getting her game pefected.  Congratulations Marilyn & Peggy Sue.

 As a fun sidenote to the day, there were two perfects starts for MCRD handler and dogs yesterday.  Mary with Coda and John with Rodeo.  Always fun to celebrate those and made even more memorable by Kriste’s customized guitar keepsakes.

Rafe FDCh-Silver!

Today, December 30th, Rafe cruised right along to become FDCh-Silver.  What a boy, just quietly playing his game and letting those titles accumulate.  He and his human family, Jim & Lee, have become real assets to our team.  Congratulations to one of our newest teammates.

Kie put his first points in the NAFA flyball history book!

What fun to watch Kie make this first runs down the lane in warm up on Saturday at the 12 Days of Flyball tournament.  He was so focused when he was brought out on Sunday in warm ups, he was put into the race.  Wow, what a boy.  Confidence and focus galore!  He’s going to be a racing maniac.  Very proud of Kie and Jim!

Road Dogs wrap up the 12 Days of Flyball tournament.  It’s all done, dismantled, stowed away and it’s time for dinner.

Kie FD!!!

Racing today in Clanton, AL (Jan 12, 2013).  Kie had a great first race of his day!  He and Jim did a very nice job and Kie has come away this morning a brand new Flyball Dog.  He’ll be trying his flyball legs all weekend, so we’re watching out for some fun racing!

Ricky aka Ricky Bobby FMCh!!!!

Ricky and Cris are having a great day on the lanes.  He busted loose earning his FMCh this morning on the lanes at Clanton, AL.  Such fun to watch this little guy burn up the lanes.  Lots of speed in those little legs.  Go Ricky Go!

Nike FMCh!!!

Woo hoo!  Nike and Charlie are celebrating tonight.  Guess dinner is on Charlie, hmm maybe not, but his girl Nike sure has accomplished reaching a great title.  Looking forward to getting back out on the lanes and putting those additional points towards the next.  Go Nike Go!

Kie – has done it again!

This little big man has made the flyball lanes his own.  Once again he has done his job and is now an FDX.  What a fella and his Dad and Mom are just beaming.  There will be some saluting tonight at dinner.

Francis FDCh-G!!

What a great day for Leslie & Francis.  We’re playing at the Flyball High tournament in Talladega, AL.  Francis came out and rocked the lanes earning his FDCh-G.  He and Leslie are having a good racing weekend and there will be celebrating tonight, we’re very proud of those two!  Lookout Rick’s Crossroads,  bet we’ll be raising a glass in their honor tonight…

Toby’s the man,  FDCh-Gold!

Racing, day two at Flyball Hall in Talladega, AL, Toby sped down the lanes and back to become a Gold pup.  Go Toby Go, Come Toby Come, he followed Mom’s instructions and did his best.  Congratulations Rosemary & Toby.

MCRD attends their 100th tournament

There was celebrating all around this weekend January 26-27, 2013, as the Music City Road Dogs attended the Flyball High tournament in Talladega, AL.  It marked the 100th tournament weekend that our club has played flyball.  We had a grand time and finished loading up for the trip home, tired but still smiling.  We were still celebrating as the Senior class representative to carry the Spirit Stick through the next year.  The Senior class consisted of Birmingham Bandits, Rocket City Racers and Music City Road Dogs.  As winners of the poster contest and pep rally cheer off, Double Dog Dare made us proud recipients of a pizza party at our next tournament in Chattanooga.

Worth FD!!!!

After 10 long months of traveling and being frustrated in his crate because he wasn’t old enough to play with the big kids, Worth finally made his debut on the lanes.  Today we are playing in Chattanooga, TN at the Crazy Train Tournament (February 16th)!  Let me tell ya, it was “worth the wait”.  He went onto the lanes looking like a pro and ran a perfect anchor dog spot for a heat to gain his Flyball Dog title.  There will be big things in his future.  This entire team is so very proud of Worth and Jane.  It’s fun to see Jane and her Aussie boy finally on the lanes together working.  Click on the link below to see him earn that title (4th dog in the lineup).


Jewel FDCh-G

We are very proud today of our Ms. Jewel of Shanghai.  Racing in Chattanoga today at the Crazy Train tournament, Ms. Jewel has been doing a bang-up job and breezed right into that Flyball Dog Champion-Gold title.  It’s going to be such a nice team celebration this evening.  Beverly and Jewel are smiling and waving those flybal hands!!!

Parker FD!

It’s been a really nice Road Dog day here at Crazy Train in Chattanooga.  At long last, Parker was allowed to run in a race,  went down and back in a couple of heats and walked away with a Flyball Dog title.  The most fun and most important of any flyball title they will ever achieve.  We congratulate Mike & Parker and can’t wait to see them in the lanes next.  Way to go!

Worth FDX!

How exciting to go out on the lanes this morning and have Worth become an FDX.  What style.  This boy is gonna rock MCRD flyball.  So, so proud of he and Jane.  He is an amazing boy.

It was a double perfect start weekend

Cris Lane and Abby rocked the lanes twice this weekend with a perfect start both days.  What fun!

Pizza Party was a hit!

On Saturday in Chattanooga, Double Dog Dare treated MCRD to a Pizza Party for lunch.  This was the award given to the Senior Class at Flyball High tournament in January.  It was much appreciated.  Upon delivery, we all gave a cheer in appreciation.  The Spirit Stick has now been passed along to the Rocket City Racers for the next tournament.

Congratulations Jim & Kie!

In updating our awards page today, it was discovered that Kie is now on the top 100 list of Minature Schnauzers.  Way to go!

Congratulations to Jackson & Heather!

Today at March Fly-In, we began the day with a monsoon to load into the tournament.  Most of the morning we were all soaked but the dogs and team made the best of it.  Near mid-day, Jackson running for his Mom, sped down the lanes to achieve his FMCH.  He is such a solid racing dog and all the little girls love running with Jackson.  That Heather can have some wickedly fine start times too.

Huge Congratulations to Parker & Mike!

What fun it was today to have those Hubbard boys get back to back titles.  This family is having a great racing weekend.  Parker is really starting to put the game together and is looking great.  We congratulate Parker and Mike on their FDX, the first of many titles in this handsome pup’s future.

Holy Perfect Start Batman

Cris and Abby have done it again.  Yet another perfect start on their record.  Can she do it again tomorrow?  Stay tuned folks…

Wow, two FDCh in the same heat!

Now that was fun folks.  Worth and Sadie Jo ran late in the day sharing the same heat to achieve their FDCh.  It was fun to watch Jane and Beverly running their newest flyball fur kids and then celebrating in the back of the lanes.  Now that was a party!  We’re very proud of how they are putting their game together and they’ll be running like old pros before we know it.  They’re becoming less green with every step to the line.


Wow, she did it again!!!

Cris went out in our first lane with her teammate Yabba Dabba and got yet another perfect start.  What is her secret?  Inquiring minds want to know.

What a way to start a tournament.  

Today at our home tournament, Unplugged, our first race for the “green team” today resulted in an FD for Athena and Lexy.  The teammates on the lane were Worth, Lexy, Athena, and Parker and did they ever connect the dots.  Worth and Parker had been in a couple of tournaments prior, neither in full-time slots and with Lexy and Athena in the mix, we were all crossing our fingers.  They ran like pros.  That race was followed by adding Kie and Coda in the lineup and they ran like old pros all day long.  We’re very proud of them and looking forward to more action tomorrow.  Hope they all get some quality rest this evening.




Parker FDCH

During all the fun with the green team running together, Parker reached his FDCh this afternoon.  He’s improving and showing he’s getting the game more each time he gets to play.  Very proud of Parker and Mike, they make a great racing team.

Lexy & Athena do it again

Lexy and Athena followed up their FDs this morning with FDXs as well.  The little greenies just rocked it out all day. Congratulations Laura and Lexy and Susan and Athena.








So very proud of Karen & Griffin!

This afternoon it was a great time on the lanes when Griffin and team brought home his 50K.  Griffin looked like he was having a great time as did his Mom, Karen.  We want to congratulate them both for such a great flyball career.

MCRD says congratulations to the “Green Team”

With the help of Coda, the experienced dog of the group, the rest of the team was rounded out by all green dogs with two of them running on the lanes for the first time in the lineup.  They were fabulous and held their own all day and even beat their experienced teammembers whom they ran against in the same division.  Wow what fun they had and we’re thinking they are a lighter shade of green already 🙂

Look at that Aussie go…

Today, Worth earned his FDCh-Silver.  He is just an amazing, versatile dog.  In only 3 tournaments, he began by running a very limited amount in his first tournament, second shared a slot, and this time out not only ran a full-time slot but was starting 50 percent or more of his races.  He and Jane are really putting that piece together.  He’s giving his Mom a permanent grin on the lanes.

Who would have thought!

This morning in our first race of the day (Sunday @ Unplugged), Charlie and Nike started the first heat and bam, there’s your .0000 perfect start.  Congratulations Charlie & Nike.  Well done!

Way to go Kie!

Kie rushed home after earning his AKC Grand Champion title this week to be able to play in his home flyball tournament.  He ran very well this weekend for his Mom, whom I am sure is still grinning, and earned his FDCh.  We’re looking forward to seeing him on the lanes much more in the future since he’s gotten those conformation things out of the way.  Congratulations on both to Kie!

Cleo has an FMX! 

We’re racing in Pensacola, FL today at Fiesta Flyover, May 11.  Wow this girl is making this flyball thing look easy.  Seems like just a month ago, she was an FM.  Well it was a tad longer than that, but that’s how well this girl is running.  Such fun to watch her on the lane, bucking and pulling to go.  Congratulations to Cleo, Jane and the Beasleys!

Parker has his FDCh-Silver!

On a team today loaded with fun loving boys and one girl leading the pack, Parker came out showing even more confidence on the lanes and took home his FDCh-S!  What a well rounded fella he is becoming.  He ran second and forth today and made every transition smoothly.  Was passing and being passed, he’s going to challenge that big brother Jackson very soon.  Congratulations Mike, Parker and Heather!  Job well done!

MCRD takes 2 first place and a third

At the Fiesta Flyover tournament, the MCRD teams did very well.  Saturday was a fine day of racing and seafood at the beach.  What does Sunday hold?

Keagan FMCh!

Sunday morning at Fiesta Flyover, Keagan let ‘er rip, tearing up the lanes to reach her FMCh.  Kriste has done a great job with this little girl and she loves to play and has real heart for doing this with her Mom.  What a lucky girl to have been adopted into a flyball home.  Congratulations to Keagan and Kriste.

Rodeo FGDCh 70K!

June 1, 2013, at Air Show At the Peach in Clanton, AL.   Lookaway Spurs n Latigo became only the second dog in NAFA Region 14 to reach 70,000 points.  Rodeo and Elaine have been an integral part of the Road Dogs since our second tournament in 2003, we are so fortunate to be able to call them teammates.  Elaine does an excellent job keeping this senior in shape to race, we look forward to many more celebrations.  And they call the thing RODEO!!!

Ricky ONYX!!!

So very proud of the little trash talking, bucket boy and his Mom!  Steady does it and then there you go, you are suddenly an ONYX dog.  We knew you both had it in you.  What a fun race.  Congratulations Cris & Ricky!

Sadie Sunday Surprise FDCh-Silver!

We had a title sneak right up on us today while we were completely unaware.  This little lady was racing with her Mom, going right along and doing their job and when at the end of the day totals were published… well, much to our surprise she had a brand new title.  Beverly was so elated when it was announced at our team dinner, I think they heard her squeal all the way back to the show site.  It’s so fun to watch them working this flyball thing out on the lanes.  Congratulations Beverly and Sadie!

One last brag for the day. 

Our Block Chords team racing in the Multi Division, took first place for the day.  The team consisted of Jackson, Cleo, Ricky and Cedar.  Way to go guys.

Athena FDCh

Day #2 at Airshow At the Peach, June 2, 2013.  Athena and Susan are having a good day at the airshow.  Athena was racing with Chinook, Nike, and Parker and they turned in another fine fun to earn her Flyball Dog Champion.  Congratulations to Nancy Cech, her owner, who has graciously loaned her to the team via Susan.  Nancy is serving in our armed forces overseas presently in Korea.  I’m sure she will be happy to hear the news that her little girl is racing and having a great time while waiting for her Mom to return this summer.  Susan has been her caretaker and handler during this time and we congratulate her as well on the training and travel it takes to play this sport, job well done.

Worth FDCh-Gold !!!

Way to go Worth and Jane.  Today, Worth raced flawlessly to achieve his FDCh-Gold,  in only his 5th tournament since he began playing.  His Mom was following his points, but not quite closely enough.  He got it with 1 extra point in a race earlier in the day, so the party on the lanes was missed, but the party with Mom certainly was not.  Congratulations one of many more to come.

Kie FDCh-Silver!

Go Big Bubba!  Congratulations to Marie & Kie taking home their FDCh-Silver.  This was Mom’s first tournament running both dogs as Dad was away on business.  Kie got exactly what he needed today to keep putting those feet in front of each other and completed his day with a brand new title.  Way to go Kie & Marie.

Racing in York, PA “The Nut”

Got reports that everyone arrived safely in York and the crate area decorating apparently went well.  Hoping for racing news from the group soon.  This morning, the word was Jam Session’s first race was great, but Steel Sliders was not as good.  Let’s hope things improved for them.  The weather apparently is beautiful.

News from The Coconut Classic at York, PA 

Jam Session is rocking this weekend and going into Sunday in first place in their division.  What fun, congrats guys and keep up that good work today.  Word is Steel Sliders was putting it together and having fun.  Wishing you all great success today.  Making us all envious that the rest of us didn’t manage to make the trip, but we’re looking forward to more great reports today.

Francis reaches FM!

On June 22nd at the Coconut Classic in York, PA, Francis reached his FM title.  Way to go Francis & Leslie, we’re proud of you.  He’s really getting this together.  Although I don’t have details of the race to post, I’m sure you had a huge PARTY on the lanes.  That’s a biggie!

Nike ONYX!!!

Wow, I have it on good info that Nike and Charlie have earned their ONYX on day two of the Coconut Classic!  I bet they party all the way back to Nashville.  And…  Charlie and Nike got to share the event with family from the area who were visiting with them.  Way to go!

Athena, FDCh-Silver!

Hooray Athena and Susan!  I hear this evening that she accomplished FDCh-Silver with just a couple of points to spare 🙂  Very proud of this little dog that knew she could…  Congratulations.

MCRD did a great job at “The Nut”

Jam Session finished 3rd and Steel Sliders finished 4th.   Safe travels home team, great job!

Lexy FDCh!

Today July 13th, racing at The Athens Dog Derby, Lexy did a great job and earned her Flyball Dog Champion.  Lexy and Laura are putting those pieces together and becoming a dependable duo on the lanes.  Congratulations!


Parker FDCh-G!

While racing on Sunday in Athens, GA at The Athens Dog Derby, Parker hit the lanes in grand style earning his FDCh-G.  Congratulations on earning that title and he is getting more confident and skilled on the lanes each time out.  Yeah Parker!

MCRD is in Houston, TX

What a great racing day MCRD had in Houston on Friday.  Block Chords 1st place, Backstage Pass 2nd place, Jam Session took 4th place.  It was a long day for 59 races, but we had a blast racing.

Worth FM!!!

Racing this afternoon, Jane casually announces, Worth has his FM.  We’re so dependent on Jane keeping these stats and she never let on it was happening.  We’re celebrating at dinner tonight.  What fun!  It’s always fun to get a title in Houston, TX, 800+ miles from home and only his 8th tournament!

Hannah has a birthday!

And what a fun place to be when you have a birthday… a flyball tournament.

Jackson ONYX!

What fun it was to see Jackson running so well this weekend away from Mom & Dad, who graciously allowed him to go to “camp” and play flyball  with the team.  He has run with a smile on his face each time and today, Sunday, at Let Freedom Race, he earned ONYX!  We really appreciate Mike, Heather and Jackson’s contribution to a great Houston weekend and Paula for running him.  Way to go Jackson!

Kie FDCh-G

What a great “little man” this boy is.  He has great big dog attitude.  Held it together so well this weekend and we are very proud to say, Kie FDCh-Gold!  Congratulations Jim, Marie and Kie.  Big things await you!

MCRD had a blast in Houston!

All our teams in Houston did very well, but the Multi-Breed team had a knock-out weekend placing First in the division for the Friday tournament and repeated that success in the full two day weekend tournament.  We are very proud of all our dogs for having such a successful tournament trip to Houston to complete year number 9 of MCRD participation.


Rodeo, top pointed dog in Region 14

With much admiration for a Border Collie named Cody, Rodeo went to the lanes in Houston on Sunday with a new milestone within reach.  Supported by some great racing from his teammates Worth, Sammie, Belle, and Kie,  Rodeo’s point total pushed past that of Cindy and Paul Ferlitto’s dog to become the top pointed dog in Region 14.  Cindy, Paul, and their dogs have our utmost respect, and we are quite proud of Rodeo for making it into their “league”.  Rodeo now has over 71,500 lifetime points and is still ready to race.  Over his career, Rodeo has raced with all but one of the dogs on our roster, so this is truly a team effort.

A toast to Rodeo and all Road Dogs past and present!

Alert!!!  Lexy earns FDCh-Silver!

On Saturday, August 10th, while participating in Group Activities at the Barkham Asylum in Dalton, GA, Lexy ran to earn her FDCh-Silver.  The 2013 class ran together again with Worth, Parker, Kie, and Lexy as a team once more.  Fun was had by all and the weekend was spent with dogs and handlers learning to race in different positions.  Lexy says she had a good time and from the smile on her handler’s face, it appears Laura did as well.  Thanks to our boxloader, Leslie and personal coach for Laura / Lexy, Mike.  Congratulations Lexy and Laura!

Sadie goes FDCh-Gold!

We were uncertain with some of the stats, so we missed celebrating Sadie’s new title on Sunday.  We were racing at Dalton, GA in the Barkham Asylum tournament and Bev and Sadie were having a very good day, no shock therapy needed.  Congratulations to them both and we’re looking forward to many more great titles with this handler / dog team.  The inmates were indeed running the asylum this weekend and having a great time with the madness that is flyball!


Abby 40k!!!

We are very proud today to have Cris and Abby running on Jam Session in Clanton, AL at the September Air Show tournament achieve their 40k. What fun she had running with Sadie, Francis, Athena & Jinn.  Just run clean, have fun with your dog and teammates and those points just happen. Way to go!!!

Peggy Sue is FM!!!

We are happy to wrap up our 2013 racing year with Marilyn and Peggy Sue racing for their FM here at Clanton, AL on Sunday, September 15th.  They ran with Worth, GQ and Keagan and they had a blast doing it.  As Jane told Marilyn some time ago as Peggy Sue had a bumpy start to her racing career,  we can fix PS and so it has happened.  These two have become a fine racing team and we can’t wait for her to achieve the next.  Again just run clean, have fun with your dog and teammates and those points just happen.  Congratulations Marilyn and Peggy Sue.


MCRD did well during 2013 with a good showing at the last tournament for us in the racing season.  Now it’s on to CanAm in a few short weeks and the beginning of the next.  What great fun and achievements await this team of friends and their canine companions!

Last update 09/16/13