About MCRD


Pup Scouts held a one day Flyball workshop in January 2001.  Several of us “dinked” with flyball for about 18 months, then we decided we really wanted to get ready to race.  We held a two day workshop in July of 2002, and with much help along the way from the Rocket City Racers, the Alabama Slammers, and then Regional Director Howard Bayerle, we raced in our first tournament in March 2003.  We were AWFUL but all the other teams were so nice and helpful that we were hooked.  It was 7 months before we got to race again.  Since then we have been regulars at Region 14 tournaments, and have competed in  tournaments in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Periodically we hold an “Intro” workshop for new dogs and handlers to try flyball.  With the closing of Pup Scouts, our team now holds our practice at Happy Dog Ranch, Ashland City, TN.

Our next “Intro” workshop will be announced soon.  Dogs and handlers are invited to join the team after completing the the workshop, Flyball FUNdamentals class, and committing to the team goals.

The Music City Road Dogs – Club #578 with the North American Flyball Association.


Rodeo Award – Beginning in December of 2013, we began offering the This Ain’t My First Rodeo award at each Saturday home tournament.  This award, made possible by Rodeo’s teammates and friends, was established to honor owners who have the vision and determination to give their gifted dogs the support needed to make it to the spotlight and take their talents as far as they can go.


December 28, 2013 – Monty of Queen City Road Runners at 12 Days of Flyball
April 19, 2014 – Dually of Big Orange Blast at Jelly Bean
April 11, 2015 – Myles of Instant Replay at Jelly Bean
March 26, 2016 – Glory of Lunatic Fringe – tied with Abby of Dixie Flyers at Wire For Sound
December 31, 2016 – Glory of Lunatic Fringe  – tied with Abby of Dixie Flyers at It’s Twelve O’Clock Somewhere