2018 News

CanAM #9!

Another fun trip to CanAm.  We ran 3 teams, Rondo, Fugue and Capriccio.  Rondo – Jackson, Worth, Coal and Kie were able to make it into the finals.  Alas, it was a second place finish, but was clean with no errors at all, they just simply had more speed.  What fun!!!  After returning home, when points were reconciled, we were tickled to find that Jackson’s participation in the finals, pushed him 29 points over the 60K mark. Congratulations Mike, Heather and Jackson!

Nooga Strong!

The Chattanooga tournament was great.  We had Reggie, Bridget and Nathan join us this weekend.  Bridget not only ran her green pup, but boxloaded as well.  Reggie did not look at all like a green dog, very focused on his task.  Nathan had a keen eye on pass calling, he was awesome.  Reggie even finished the weekend with the best and next best titles in flyball, Flyball Dog and Flyball Dox Excellent.  They are on their way, congratulations!  Besides Bridget, we also had Julia and Diana on the box, all ran smoothly.  Thanks ladies! 

Julia and Coal took on their first full time start role with multiple 0.0__ starts, think I saw a .003.  Coal also earned new titles of FM, MBD, MBDX, and MBDCH

Direct Flight

We raced in Clanton and had a great time with the holiday festivities.  Although no new titles were earned, it was a fun weekend of racing.

Bi-Polar Express

It was a fine trip to Chattanooga for the weekend.  Went with 7 people and ran 3 teams.  A little busy and damp, rainy weather.  A good time was had by all.  On Saturday, Kie ran great to achieve his 40K title.  Found a great place to celebrate for dinner.  That was the same day the AGM was held and we had a great celebration for Rodeo as well.  He was inducted into the NAFA Hall of Fame.  What a grand weekend for both these pups.