2017 News

Indianapolis, again!!

We enjoyed out trip back to Indianapolis.  The weather cooperated and the racing was fun.  Took a small group (2 teams for Friday and 3 for Saturday & Sunday).  Making the trip was Abby, Francis, and Ricky, who were making their last appearance as Road Dogs.  They are off to their new team in North Carolina, following a work transfer.  Along with them, Jackson, Parker, Coal, Kie, Brodee, Keagan, Worth, Cleo, Cedar and Clay.

Earning their Iron Dog titles were Brodee and Abby!  Huge congratulations to them both.  Also over the weekend, Worth slipped in there and earned his 40K!  What a great weekend and one we won’t soon forget.


Nooga Strong!

We traveled to Chattanooga, TN for this tournament on November 5-6, 2016.  Ran steady all weekend and came away with a new Iron Dog, Belle!  Congratulations to Belle, Jim and Marie (who drove from Nashville just to get to run her girl for the title).  We added to that with a MBGDCh for Jackson (Mike & Heather) and Coal (Julia) with FDCh.  Congratulations guys, job well done.

Reindeer Run!

A small group headed to Clanton for December 3-4 for the Reindeer Run.  It was a fine weekend with highlights of a holiday potluck with all the other teams entered, what good cooks we have in our region.  On Saturday, Kie ran flawlessly to get his Flyball Grand Champion!  Congratulations to Jim, Marie and the Kie!  Sunday was equally as fun with fine leftovers for lunch and Clay came home with his ONYX.  The youngster is growing up.

It’s Twelve O’Clock Somewhere!

MCRD hosted a two day tournament over the New Year’s holiday at Play Dog Excellent in Chattanooga.  The tournament went well and we had several teams from out of region, Tampa Bay Barkaneers, Jumpin’ Jax, Barkworthy, Double Dog Dare and Pawmetto Pack.  It was also good to have Cris and Leslie back to play with MCRD, since their move to NC.  Always nice to see new folks visiting with us.  It was also fun having our own Hannah back to run with us, she ran Worth for Jane – that girl can do some passing!  Congratulations to our big Aussie boy, Coal.  He achieved his Flyball Dog Champion – Silver. 

The Love Train!

MCRD headed back to Chattanooga for the weekend of February 11-12 to ride on The Love Train.  It was small group and we ran two teams.  This weekend, teams and folks all ran smoothly and came home with Carys receiving 2 new titles.  She’s now FM and a MBDCh-G as she ran on the Multi-team all weekend.  They were both earned on Sunday, nice way to end the weekend.  Congratulations Caroline and Carys.

Direct Flight!

MCRD attended the Direct Flight tournament on April 22-23 and had a great time.  We ran 3 teams.  Kie was our only title addition this weekend, he did it in true Schnauzer style with is Dad, Jim.  Congratulations on your new Multi-Breed Master Excellent!

Airshow At The Peach!

It was a good weekend indeed!  We played in Clanton, AL at the Airshow At The Peach on June 10-11.  The schedule provided the break we needed to run Twining and we thrilled when he ran for his FD and FDX.  During the weekend, Worth managed to slip in with his Multi Breed Master Excellent.  Congratulations on your shiny new titles!

Let Freedom Race XV!

What fun it was to travel again to Houston, for our 12th time.  We all had a good time and the pups as well.  Traveled to and fro safety.  Worth and Kie went early with Clay as a cheerleader to run agility prior to flyball.  They had some good luck in the ring.  Coal was the sole dog to come home with a shiny new title.  He is now a FDCh-G!  Congratulations to Julia and Coal.

The Gold Rush!

We traveled to Clanton, AL to the Birmingham Bandits tournament, The Gold Rush.  It’s been some time since the Bandits hosted and we enjoyed ourselves.  The weekend had some fun titles for a brand new flyball dog.  Shindig earned both his FD and FDX.  He thinks he might just like this game!  And then there were the big new titles earned by our Rock Star, Worth and our sweet Parker.  Worth came home with his FGDCh 50 K and Parker with a big FGDCh.  A couple of other titles that were realized after the fact were Keagan, MBMCh and Clay, MBM.  What a great weekend.  Congratulations to all our new titled pups.

Liberty Run!

Raced back in Clanton this weekend (September 2017) in the Liberty Run tournament.  The teams had a new restaurant find and we think celebration Saturday nights may be even more fun.  No titles to celebrate this time out, but wonderful weather (at least in Clanton – we won’t count Hurricane Irma) and good company.