2015 News

Our new racing year once again started in Indianapolis at CanAm.

The Road Dogs had a good weekend of racing while it was a long 3 days, there were several individual titles collected.  We started our weekend with the first point earned by Sammie in the new year to become our third Iron Dog.  This major achievement was then followed by Worth earning his ONYX, seems it was in record time for the team.  He also earned over the weekend his Multi-Breed FM.  Following this excitement was Lexy earning FM, Benny earning FDX, Clay earning FDCh-Gold, Belle Multi-Breed Master and Ricky earning his Multi-Breed ONYX.  All dogs and people sufficiently tired and satisfied with the hard work that it takes to run 3 days of flyball.

Racing in Chattanooga, Take Me There hosted by MCRD.

What a great weekend of racing.  MCRD hosted it’s first out of town tournament at Play Dog Excellent in Chattanooga, TN.  We not only put on a nice tournament but our dogs raced nicely, including several greenies either making their debut or racing in some of their early heats in their budding careers.  We are celebrating several new titles this weekend; Jinn Flyball Master Excellent, Amos Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog Excellent, Amos also was on the multi team which means he earned Multi-Breed Dog and Multi-Breed Dog Excellent as well, Clay Multi-Breed Dog and Multi-Breed Dog Excellent. Fergie Flyball Dog Champion and Sadie Multi-Breed Master.  Plenty to be proud of and we’re all anxiously awaiting a trip back to PDX in a few weeks for the next tournament.

And the fun just keeps on keeping on, Bi-Polar Express in Chattanooga.

This weekend produced a number a fun new titles and more experience for our “greenies” as well.  We traveled back to Chattanooga again this month, we all love that short drive.  The following is a quote on the weekend from our fearless leader, Jane:  Great tournament Road Dogs!  I love watching the green dogs settle in to their roles.  Think Clay is there, take him off the green dog list!  Benny was looking much more mature and “into” the game this time, and it sure showed in his times.  Assuming our stat sheets are correct, Benny earned his FDCH-S on Sunday.  Amos remembered everything he learned last time and added a little speed and an FDCH.  Moo was pretty amazing for her first time ever at a tournament earning flyball’s best title – FD (and FDX).  The Class of 2014 is pretty awesome!

In addition to all the green fun, Kie earned his FMCh and Cedar 40K.

Great time in Athens, GA!

A smaller group went to Athens, GA for the Flyball High tournament and AGM of NAFA.  Lots of tight racing, which made it big fun.  Got to race with a lot of the teams from Region 9 and all our dogs did a great job.  Took home a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place along with a nice banquet on Saturday night and lovely lunches prepared by Cris Lane’s parents.  Sunday morning we had a great time racing to help Francis earn his ONYX!  Way to go Road Dogs!

Direct Flight in Clanton,AL!

This was a tough tournament for all the Road Dogs to manage.  The weather stood in some folks way of making it to the tournament, it was a lovely ice storm.  No titles were earned by those able to attend, but Mike and Jackson seemed to be on fire.  Three perfect starts in a weekend is incredible.  Congratulations Mike & Jackson.

The Red Eye in Talladega, AL!

The Road Dogs had a great weekend in Talladega.  Spring was making it’s welcome appearance after all that ice and snow.  On Saturday Moo did a fabulous job earning her Multi Breed Dog and Multi Breed Dog Excellent.  We think Moo and her humans are thoroughly hooked!   We took two first place and a second place with the three teams who made the trip.  Sunday was a real treat as well, with Clay earning Flyball Master and Jinn Multi Breed Dog Champion-Silver.  If that weren’t enough, the Multi team (Moo, Jackson, Worth and Ricky in the lineup) set a new record at 18.265.  And we won the division again on Sunday along with two second place.  It was a fun weekend.

Jelly Bean in Nashville!

What a great weekend for a home tournament.  Weather was beautiful and racing was great fun.  We were joined this weekend by our new Canadian friends, Instant Replay.  The tournament set up and tear down, we believe was in record time for our club.  We really worked together well.  Our big brags for the weekend were Ricky earning 40K, way to go Ricky Bobby!  Flash earned FD and FDX, Moo earned FDCh and FDCh-S as well as Fergie earning FDCh-S.  Not to be out done, our green dogs from 2014 asked to compete as a team together with Flash making his debut on the lanes.  This little team rocked it and took first place in their division both days.  Very proud of John & Benny, Faye & Flash, Meredith & Amos, Cindy & Moo, and Sara & Fergie (collectively Green Beans).  They were supported by a veteran height dog and handler, Kriste and Brodee.  What a great addition to the Road Dogs!

Rescue Run in Clanton Alabama!

It had been a bit of a Flyball drought, not having a tournament to attend since April, but we had a great time back on the lanes this weekend.  Running 4 teams in Clanton at a two ring tournament, we were busy much of the time.  Saturday night team cookout was a hit as well.  Nice to be able to be together without the hassle of driving to a restaurant and getting to finally rest at a late hour.  The rousing game of Corn Hole in the parking lot was pretty amusing.  Dogs and humans alike worked hard on Saturday and began Sunday with Keagan earning her Flyball Grand Champion title and Athena earning her Flyball Master.  Both of those girls really work hard, as they are both height dogs for the team.  We’re very proud of Kriste & Kegan and Susan & Athena on their accomplishments.   Congratulations Ladies!

Summer Camp in Athens Georgia!

Well it seems Ms. Kriste has done it again with Brodee Balloo.  He’s now the first and only 50K Cairn Terrier in NAFA.  What an amazing little fella.  The Meyer kids have sure had a lot to celebrate lately and MCRD is very proud of all of them.  After that fun, turns out the both teams entered for the weekend took 1st place in their divisions.  It was a very small group that went to Athens this time and they went to make it a fabulous weekend!

Barkham Asylum in Dalton Georgia!

MCRD had several new titles to celebrate this weekend.   Benny was running very solid and having a great time with Dad, came home with Flyball Dog Champion Gold.  Parker played a great game too with both Mom and Dad for the weekend, he came home with a shiny new Flyball Master Champion.  Amos, well this boy really turned on his game this weekend and Mom seemed delighted.  He is now a Flyball Dog Champion Silver.  Congrats to all of these hard working Road Dogs!  And… rumor had it that once the stats reflect it officially, Ricky will break onto the top 100 Jack Russell Terrier list!  Wee, can’t wait to see all this in print.

Liberty Run in Clanton Alabama!

What fun we had this weekend in Clanton, 5 new titles and were we ever busy!  Congratulations to one of our newest handler & dog teams, Caroline and Carys, who reached FD and FDX!  That Carys has some kind of natural talent.  We also celebrated with the Hubbard family, Jackson Flyball Grand Champion 40K!  Very proud of him, he’s a fantastic flyball dog!  Not to be out done, we had Flash and Faye get their Flyball Dog Champion & Multi-Breed Dog and Jinn ran for his Flyball Master Champion!  What a great way to go out there and rock it, go ROAD DOGS!


September 14, 2015