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MCRD starts their 2014 racing year in Indianapolis

We’re excited to attend once again the CanAm Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 18, 19 and 20, 2013.

Better late than not…
Our trip to Indianapolis was a blur, so the posting of brags is late getting loaded onto our site.  A good time was had by all!

Athena FDCh-Gold!

Friday, October 18th, MCRD was racing without our Athena.  Susan and Athena had volunteered to help our fellow Region 14 team, The Birmingham Bandits as a height dog.  She made us proud while she raced earning her FDCh-Gold!

Lexy FDCh-Gold!

Saturday, October 19th, Lexy joined us racing since her handler Laura had to finish her week in Nashville before joining us in Indy.  She ran very well and went on to achieve Gold!  They are becoming a nice dog / handler team.  Way to go Lexy & Laura!

Kie FM!

Wow, who would have thought that he would have gotten to FM so quickly.  Seems like yesterday that Kie started his flyball career.  On Sunday, October 20th, Kie ran his little paws off to become FM.  Very proud of Kie & Jim.  It was a good day!


MCRD Block Chords – Multi 2 Reserve Champions!!!

Wow, this group raced their paws off to make it to the “big ring”.  Captain Jim, Boxloader Leslie, Cleo, Jackson, Keagan, Ricky, Sammie and Worth raced as Block Chords.  We ran against another Region 14 team, Dixie Flyers.  Congratulations Block Chords, job well done!


Way to go MCRD!  CanAm is in the books and we had a great time.

Cleo FMCh!

What Fun it was this morning to go to the lanes and get Cleo’s FMCh first thing. We are racing in Chattanooga at Runaway Express, Nov. 16, 2013.  The Road Dogs want to thank her family, The Beasley’s for allowing her to race and be a part of our flyball family.  Also to Jane for training and racing Ms. Cleo P Beasley.  She’s a solid member of our flyball team.

Belle Flyball Grand Champion!

Worth, Rodeo, Belle, Jinn and Rafe ran today as Ch’ Boogie and had a fabulous time celebrating Belle earning FGDCh.  Belle has been a real mighty pup, racing through puppies, agility, rally many other activities and still coming to the lanes and making it happen.  She has run for Mom and Dad as well as traveled with the team without them and running for Jane.  Congratulations Belle, Jim and Marie, great height dog and team members, job well done.

Cedar Flyball Grand Champion!

Lookaway Every Cowboy’s Dream……careful what you wish for!  She could have been Lookaway Swinging in the Ring, the girl loves her tug!  Her crazy box behavior has driven us all nuts trying to figure it out and “fix” it.  Never one to be in a rut, she shows us something different just about every tournament.  Saturday November 16, 2013 was her day to shine at the Runaway Express tournament in Chattanooga.  She turned in a stellar performance and earned her FGDCH.  Almost all those 30,000 points were earned in anchor position, she kicks into high gear to beat the other team’s anchor dog.  Just don’t make her mad, she has wicked accuracy releasing those chuck it balls to hit her tug.  Congrats to Elaine and Cedar FGDCH.

Parker FM!

Wow this boy raced with Abby, Sadie, JJ and Athena today and we are excited to say he is now Flyball Master.  Guess we can no longer call him a boy, he’s now a Master!  The time has really flown, it really feels as though he started only a short time ago.  He has gained more confidence with each trip down the lanes and is more eager than ever to go play this sport with Mom & Dad.  Fabulous job Mike, Heather and Parker, congratulations!

Daisy Mae Flyball Grand Champion!

It was a great weekend and finished off with a nail biter.  During the last race for our club this weekend, Daisy Mae earned her Grand Champion.  What a great way to top off a great flyball weekend.  Daisy has been a reliable, steady teammate and proves once again, just go play, have fun and run clean and you are soon celebrating great things.  Congratulations Daisy and Susan, well done.

Worth MBDCh-G and Daisy MBM!

These congratulations are a bit late, but certainly need to be acknowledged.  We’re very proud to say job well done to both Worth and to Daisy for earning new Multi-Breed titles at Columbiana on Sunday, December 1.  Way to go!

Francis FMX!

What a great way to race on the first day of 12 Days of Flyball!  Francis and Leslie raced well with the Piping Pipers (Abby, Daisy, Belle, and Jinn) and now that fella is an FMX.  We’re very proud of the racing fella he has become.  Congratulations!

Sadie FM!

Wow what a girl!  Sadie and Beverly were literally beaming when this title was earned.  Such fun to watch and I’m sure even more fun to be the one experiencing that FM high.  Great way to perform on the second day of 12 Days of Flyball.  Makes the hard work of hosting worth while.

Worth FMX!

This boy just keeps making his Mom walk around with a permanent grin on her face.  He is a machine and loves to run.  Never makes a mistake and always very willing to go the next step.  Congratulations to Jane and Worth.  Just a taste of what’s to come.

Rafe MBD!

Sunday, at the 12 Days of Flyball, Rafe earned his first Multi-Breed title.  This set of titles is new to this racing year and such fun to earn your first at home.  Congratulations Lee, Jim & Rafe.

Rodeo MVP

At the AGM, January 18, 2014, the results of the elections and MVPs were announced.  Rodeo was elected MVP for Region 14 after being nominated by the Dixie Flyers.  What an honor for Rodeo and the team as it truly takes a village.

Toby FM!

The Road Dogs were racing at Talladega, AL today at the Flyball High tournament.  Sounds like there was much partying on the lanes as Toby ran with his teammates to achieve his FM.  That little fella has worked hard for this milestone.  We want to congratulate Toby, Rosemary and Michael on a job well dong.


This newest Road Dog may not have earned the lions share of points towards this title with us, but we are very proud to send our congratulations to JJ, Syl and Don on reaching FMX today in Talladega.  Way to go!

Keagan ONYX!

What a fun day racing in Florence, SC.  Saturday, February 15, 2014, after sweating out a lot of snow and ice in the Carolinas threating travel plans, we made it to the Cool Runnings tournament where Keagan Kando ran beautifully to her ONYX title.  She was running with Abby, Francis, and Cleo.  That feisty little girl was having a good time as was her Mom.  We congratulate both Keagan and Kriste on a job well done.  You go Atty!

Brodee FG40K)!

Wow, what a fabulous weekend for the Meyer household.  Day two of the Cool Runnings tournament produced another wonderful title for Kriste and Brodee.   Rodeo, Sadie, and Jinn ran with Brodee and had a great time.  Worth was running with a Region 9 team and this particular race, he was racing against us.  A great party was had by all, even though Worth and his temporary teammates trounced us thoroughly.  Congratulations to Brodee and Kriste.  Great way to end a fabulous weekend, finishing the day with the first ever 40K Cairn Terrier.

Ricky FGDCh!

Today, February 23rd, Ricky raced to earn his Flyball Grand Champion in Clanton, AL!  Congratulations Cris & Ricky, we knew you could do it!  What a fella.

MCRD attends two tournaments on the same weekend.

This weekend, March 22-23, we had a southern bound group and an eastern bound group.  Part running in Talladega in region (14) and rumor is they rocked out with the other group racing out of region (9)!  First & second in their divisions on Saturday and two first place finishes on Sunday.  The eastern group didn’t place quite as well but got to experience camping and flyball at the same time.  Interesting mix of activities and we learned much about how flyball is done in another region.

 Jinn FM!

While running in Burlington, NC this weekend, Jinn and Diana ran with Jam Session to earn his Flyball Master at the Sweet Tea Classic.  Way to go Diana and Jinn!

Sammie MCRD’s First MB ONYX!

Racing at home today at Jelly Bean, April 19, 2014, Sammie raced in the last heat of the day for her team to her Multi-Breed ONYX.  She’s the first Road Dog to reach this new title.  Congratulations Steven & Sammie!

Kie FMX & MBDCh-G!

Wow, it was discovered after racing was done, that Kie had earned his FMX on Sunday and his MBDCh-G on Saturday.  He ran like a champ all weekend.  We were so caught up in putting on Jelly Bean, we weren’t paying good attention.  Forgive us Kie, Jim and Marie. Congratulations on both.   Go Big Bubba!

Cleo ONYX!

Four Road Members and 8 tournament dogs made the trip way up north to Sandusky, OH for the Memorial Rock & Roll Flyball tournament.  Chinook, Cleo, Cedar and Brodee ran well all weekend and on Sunday morning, we finished the last 3 heats needed for Cleo to become ONYX.  We had a good time running for the first time ever in an all open building where dogs remarkably, ran back to and through open roll up doors and the MCRD dogs did great with the environment.  Congratulations to Cleo and the Beasleys!  What a girl.

Clay FD!

The Air Show At the Peach on Saturday morning, Clay experienced the most exciting title in flyball.  After running in warm ups, he was given an assignment of the 1st heat in the races during his team’s outings to the ring.  His warm-ups were looking good, so up to the start line he went, bucking and barking.  Very much like his older brother Rodeo’s start to racing!  He was now taking in all that energy from dogs on the lanes and being out there took on a whole new meaning.  With the aid of his teammates, he dashed down the lanes and came back with his ball to become a Flyball Dog!  Good boy Clay.

Rodeo MB ONYX!

Clanton, AL on Saturday June 7th at The Air Show At the Peach.  Rodeo was being handled by Dana Hanson of DDD, while his Mom had another job on the team.  He was his usual steady self, he’ll run for anyone at anytime.  What can you say, this group of dogs were steady and raced well, Rodeo MB ONYX.

Worth FMCh!

What a fun day at The Air Show At The Peach, Clanton, AL on June 8th.  Worth has become the go to fella and such a great competitor.  He raced like the Champion that he is to his Flyball Master Champion on Sunday morning.  He and Jane have such a good time on the lanes, I think from the smile her face that she just loves this boy and he’s brought a whole new meaning to fun on the lanes for her.  Makes us smile to be on the lanes and just hear “ball” and see this fella explode down the lanes.  Nothing seems to ruffle him at all, he’s all business with his job.  Very proud of this racing team.  Congratulations Jane & Worth!

Clay FDX!

During the same race as Worth’s FMCh, Clay earned his Flyball Dog Excellent.  He had done another good warm-up run and was assigned the first heat again.  This one turned out with a small glitch where he dropped his ball, but because a ball had come from the other side into the lane and didn’t have the experience yet to ignore it.  There was a little confusion briefly that we were being given a rerun because of it, so he was put back in to run and then found out that we were given the heat for interference.  He ran a second heat to earn his Flyball Dog Excellent.   What a fun way to finish a weekend of racing.

Sammie 70K!

7/12/2014  The Road Dogs are in Athens GA racing at the Summer Camp tournament hosted by Double Dog Dare.  A small group of dogs and handlers, the Summer Camp teams are Hello Muddah (Abby, Sadie, Sammie, Keagan) and Hello Fadduh (Worth, Brodee, Ricky, Emma).  Today Sammie earned her FG70K  only the third dog in Region 14 to reach this milestone.  Sammie has been racing since July 2006, racing for many different Road Dog handlers.  But today she got to celebrate this special title racing with her owner Steven.  Congrats Sammie and Steven on an awesome flyball career.  On the same team, youngster Sadie earned her Multi Breed FDCH-G title.  Congrats to John, Beverly, and Sadie.

Sadie Multi Breed FDCh-G!

Racing today, July 12, 2014 at Summer Camp, Sadie ran with Hello Muddah (Abby, Sadie, Sammie & Keagan) to earn her Multi Breed FDCh-G!  Way to go Sadie girl.  Congratulations, we’re very proud of you.

Francis FMCh!

This weekend, The Road Dogs made their 10th consecutive trip to Houston, TX to race.  Attending this year are Worth, Clay, Rodeo, Cedar, Jackson, Parker, Belle, Kie, Francis, Abby, Ricky and Chinook.  Friday was a great day.  The Road Dogs raced two teams in a one day tournament.  Francis and teammates raced well to earn this Aussie boy a sparkly new Flyball Master Champion title.  Leslie and Francis have a great time out on the lanes and we’re very proud to say Congratulations to them both.  Of course, this is Houston, so off we went to celebrate with a great steak dinner.

Parker FMX!

Wow, day two of Houston and the first of the two day tournament.  The Road Dogs are having a good time and racing well.  So well, we are celebrating our second title of the weekend.  Very proud to say Congratulations to Parker, Heather and Mike on his Flyball Master Excellent.  Way to go guys!

Jackson Flyball Grand Champion!

Running strong on day 3 of the Houston racing weekend, Jackson raced to his Flyball Grand Champion and his team took 1st place for their division.  This was in the same ring as the year before where he earned ONYX in Houston in 2013.  This time, he was able to do so running for his Dad.  What a competitor!  We congratulate Mike, Heather and Jackson on such a great accomplishment.  Jackson is probably ready to go again today.

Chinook FGDCh 50K!

Not only did Chinook celebrate his 10th birthday on this weekend (day 1 of racing), but on day 3 of the tournament, he became part of the 50K Club and got to bring home a 1st place ribbon for the tournament as well.  Diana and Chinook did their usual fabulous job of racing.  Nothing seems to bother this boy!  After all he’s come through, to complete to this title is something to be thankful and very happy about.  Congratulations Diana and Chinook.

Clay Flyball Dog Champion!

Wow, didn’t we just start racing yesterday.  Truly it was only one tournament ago and Clay came to the lanes with more confidence each time we entered the ring.  He was put into service on day 3 with nearly a full-time slot and got to take home a 1st place ribbon as well.  Very proud of this little red monster pup!  He’s coming together nicely and so wants to go do his job.  Good boy Clay!

Fergie FD!

Did Fergie & Sara ever have a good time today at Barkham Asylum in Dalton, GA.  She made the trek to GA to test her wings as a warm-up dog on August 2nd and was terrific in her warm-up.  So, she was allowed to race and emerged a Flyball Dog.  We all say, that’s the best title in flyball and it rings true again.  Congratulations to Fergie, Sara and Austin!  Way to Go.

Jackson MB ONYX!

That Jackson, what can you say.  He’s one of those steady working dogs, take him to the lanes and he’ll do his job and then some.  Congratulations to Jackson, Mike and Heather.  Another job well done!


Wow, look at this.  Jinn made his Mom very proud of him today.  His first outing on the multi-team and he came home with two titles.  Congratulations Jinn and Diana.

Fegie FDX!

Wow, what a girl.  Day two of Barkham Asylum and Fergie dashes down the lane in fine speedy style to earn her FDX.  This girl is really enjoying herself and we think her family may be hooked.  Congratulations Fergie!!!

Clay FDCh-S

Clay, in day two of his third tournament weekend ran clean for his FDCh-S.  Very proud of this young fella, he’s handled all that has been assigned to him and is trying hard to follow in his big brother’s footsteps, literally!

 Rodeo 80K!

Today with the help of our dearest friends, Rodeo was the first dog in Region 14 History to achieve 80,000 points.  He’s the 115th dog in NAFA to have arrived at that point.  We are very proud to be Road Dogs and cherish being members of this team and of Region 14.  The nicest folks in flyball!  Thank you to all of you!


Well, what a way to finish a tournament weekend.  G.Q. became a new ONYX in the last race of the day on Sunday at Dalton.  Karen and G.Q. started flyball training as soon as she became his “foster” mom.  Needless to say, the relationship stuck and he trained and became a flyball dog.  Since moving away from the Nashville area, G.Q. hasn’t been as available to play, but he never forgets how to play this game.  We congratulate Karen and G.Q. on his ONYX!  Go Q!

Abby is at 50K!!!

Racing at Clanton for the September Air show (Sept. 13).  Unfortunately this is late being posted, as are the others for this weekend.  The webmaster didn’t bring her computer, didn’t think there would be time for updates and there really wasn’t.  We were very busy.

That being said, our racing day was quite exciting.  Abby and Cris were certainly in tune with their teammates for the weekend.  Abby raced hard and fast and came home with her 50K along with a nice string of tennis ball lights to first adorn her crate and then later adorn her new ride/home away from home for tournaments.  Congratulations, that’s the way to do it!

Benny FD!

We all say this is the grandest title in flyball.  Benny did not disappoint.  We took the training wheels off momentarily to see just how far he’s come.  He raced 4th and thrilled his Dad & Mom, along with all the rest of his Road Dog partners for the weekend.  He’s going to be a fun boy on the lanes.  I think he was quite happy himself, he is a true Aussie and just wants to work with his Dad.  Congratulations John & Benny (and of course his proud as punch Mom)!  Hoping for some photographic evidence of his work on the lane, so his picture can be added very soon.

Lexy MBDCh-G!

Lexy was having a big time this weekend racing with Laura.  They don’t get to race as often as Lexy would like it seems.  But she shows us that she loves to do it when she gets to go.  Way to go Laura & Lexy, congratulations!


On Sunday, September 14th at the September Air Show in Clanton, JJ ran to earn his FMCh.  I overheard his Mom say that he now officially has more than half his points as a Road Dog, since his transfer to our team.  He loves his flyball!  He and Don are doing a great job on the lanes.  Congratulations to JJ & family!

Sadie FMX!

Has this girl really been racing that long?  Seems like a very short time ago.  She does her job each and every time and has come a long way on her box turn.  Proud of Sadie & Beverly on earning that FMX, she sure makes her Momma smile.  I bet there was a grin so wide driving home, they didn’t even need headlines on that car.  Way to go!

Abby – MBM!

That’s some kind of weekend there, little Aussie lady.  A 50K on day one and an MBM on the second.  That’s the way to wrap things up for a successful weekend.  What a great tournament.

Updated 9-16-14